Obex, Orbs, and Magic


For as long as they can remember the Obex used a hybrid of magic and technology to dominate and devour worlds. Only in the last 200 million years have they begun to tamper with even the possibility of using other alien lifeforms to do their doing (More about that in the orbs).

Obex were particularly skilled with Sorcery. Using curses to create dreadful weapons, create terrifying plagues, absorbing life force from their enemies, and resurrecting the dead. In the rare cases where the Obex encountered life advanced enough to put up a fight, they would slowly drift into battle realigning the enemies to fight each other, resurrect their own dead to fight against them, and then with the wave of a hand release a plague to eradicate those scrambling to flee.

The Obex, being aware of multiverses, even managed to find ways to rip beasts from other planes of existence to serve them. Though ultimately these summoned beasts were abominations to the Obex, their use as a tool was effective and efficient.

They are particularly sensitive toward Glamours, especially as it gets closer to manipulation of the mind. Obex were particularly skilled with using a sharp mental blast of fear at their enemies, but doing so seemed to disturb the Obex just as much.

The truth is, in all their millions of years of tampering and expanding their minds, they began to develop an organ in the mind that was sensitive to mental magic, but being purely artificial it lacked any natural defense. Thus when an Obex uses a glamour, it effectively casts the glamour on itself as well.

Long term mental magic use is quite taxing on Obex, and it is very damaging to their psyche. Furthermore it even seems to change them on a physical level as well as if the Luminite within their bodies transforms directly into Dark Luminite. Instead of being glowing angelic beings, they become shadowy spidery entities of self hatred and insanity.

For this reason, Glamour Magic is outlawed in Obexian society, and any practitioners of it are usually incinerated and reprocessed.

This particular weakness and ignorance was exploited by the Warlocks who favored glamour magic and used it with wild abandon on everything and anything.


Occasionally while the Obex are harvesting the universe they come across lifeforms that are remarkable in some way. In the sprawling archives a special note is attached to the specimens suggesting a second look. Some 60 million years after the planet #TY387 was harvested, a Female of the Heart wing of the government dove back into the archives and recovered a gelatinous creature that had been noted for its remarkable programmability. It was similar to a jellyfish, yet composed mostly of neurons. They seemed drawn to Luminite and the harvest of that planet was especially quick thanks to the migrating creatures who seemed to want nothing more than to bask in the radiance of the crystals. During Obexian harvest, it was also found that these things made excellent backup batteries and even crude hard drives.

It was so remarkably similar to Obexian children’s minds that it had been noted that they could potentially be used as replacements should Obexian reproduction ever discover a more efficient method.

Ultimately it was not their use. The Obex enhanced the creatures and transformed them into the hard-shelled destructive forces they are now. The gelatinous mass at its center responds to magical commands and was even capable of being reprogrammed to draw upon Luminite and use magic. A single Obex could command a swarm of the enhanced creatures and extend their powers over long distances. Orbs were given powers, technology, and genetic manipulations that the Obex feared using on themselves, and they became terrible weapons and incredulous tools of harvest.

The gelatinous mass needed only to occasionally bask in the presence of Luminite to regenerate their liveliness.

However, the Obex soon learned they had to clean up after themselves. A swarm of orbs left alone would over time develop a collective hivemind with remnant memories of their last Obexian commander. More than once Harvests have had to stop to re-dominate a swarm of Orbs that had gone rogue when their Obexian overlord had been killed suddenly.

On Kantvarld, the Warlocks’ latent magical telepathy gave them an edge over the Obex. While the Obex used technology and magic to overpower the Orb minds, the Warlocks used especially focused mental magic to override Obexian controls. It was as effective as cutting off the limbs of Obex just as they were kneeling to swipe away at the Warlocks.

When the Obex evacuated, many Orbs currently being dominated by Warlocks were left behind. Since then, the hive of orbs established their own mind and freed themselves from Warlock grasp. Thousands of years of unchecked dominance and access to whatever Luminite they desire have led to a “feral” strand of Orbs that likely couldn’t be dominated by most warlocks today.

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