Obex History

A brief history:

The Obex hardly remember their own history. They do of course keep archives dating back through all their history, but when you’re a civilization almost 500 million years old, after awhile only the most recent stuff is important.

A very long time ago, orbiting a very old star, there was a planet with two civilizations on it. One of them was a very complex three-gendered civilization of beings who prized knowledge above all. The other was a strange and ugly race that prized wealth above all.

The two civilizations had a conflict. One was using the most precious metal in the known star system as data storage and food. The other civilization was scientifically advanced, but used it only to make weapons. The two civilizations came to the conclusion that the other had to go.

The history of that great war is but a minute in length compared to the entire sprawling history of the Obex, but it raged for centuries. The two civilizations were pitted against each other to the very end consuming every resource on the planet. Their hatred for each other was so ingrained it may have even become genetic after a time.

Their technology reached a point where machines, magic, and organic life began to blur. During the eclipse of that great and terrible war the three-gendered beings became something terrible. Wielding godlike power with their bizarre technology, they eradicated not only their enemies, but all life on the planet that wasn’t Obexian.

They no longer needed the archaic lifecycle that once made reproduction slow and complicated. They no longer had need for anything but Luminite – the rare and precious metal that they breathed, ate, and transformed into magical energy. Soon they had the entire planet’s Luminite at their disposal and they transformed their homeworld into a massive city housing trillions of Obexian souls.

When they exhausted the Luminite in the rest of their star system, they ripped through their sun to fling themselves to the next star system.

Over the next few million years Obexian technology improved. Their homeworld-city grew. Spanning the size of a gas giant. Then a small star. Then a medium star. Then finally the size of a great white giant. An enormous hulking glittering citadel crafted from the dying planets they harvested.

They could consume a star in an instant to rip open great portals to distant stars, galaxies, even universes. The Wandering Citadel grew and spawned smaller cities and scouts, and segments of their sprawl. They were a godlike civilization with godlike powers.

Three goals dominated their nomadic empire:

In the Obexian mind, every star system is a pile of resources that could be better organized into a new wing of the Wandering Citadel. Or form a new ship, or a new data cluster.

Life is a nuisance. An unfortunate and fascinating by-product of planets that usually have the most Luminite.

Non-Obexian life is always a threat.

In their nearly 500 million years of history, never have they encountered life that would benefit them without harvest. All life is better served properly archived and then snuffed out.

History on Kantvarld:

Obex first arrived in the star system around 1 million years ago. Every planet was painstakingly analyzed, and harvest began on the outermost planet.

Obex finished harvesting the outermost planet 600,000 years ago and the planet’s remains where shuttled back to the Wandering Citadel.

As harvest continued on outer planets, permanent bases were erected on the dual planet system 3 planets out from the sun. Roughly 200,000 years ago.

100,000 years ago, Archiving of life began on the twin planets. Underground mining begins.

50,000 years ago, indigenous life begins using tools. First massive hollowing of Sister Planet is finished, secondary stages begin to finalize archiving of life.

20,000 years ago, indigenous life forms establish family hierarchy and build artificial shelters, congregating into small gatherings.

15,000 years ago, Orb excavations underneath local large indigenous life burrow, unsettling the earth and causing a sinkhole. Estimated lifeform deaths: 23,409.

10,000 years ago, Native lifeforms designated as Warlo-Kai, discovered to have a natural affinity toward glamour magic. Recommended early readiness call to The Hand.

5,000 years ago, early pulse surveys have verified primary deposits of Luminite. Small laboratories recommended for early detonation. Primary phase of planet hollowing can commence.

4,500 years ago, indigenous life forms have shown a remarkable ability to take control from Orbs. Special archival notes have been made to establish second glance protocols following planetary harvest.

4,000 years ago, The Warlo-Kai have moved into several abandoned mining laboratories and established complexes and temples over them. Natives have established significant control over Orbs and have established a hostile threat reaction to Obexian harvesters.

3,800 years ago, Warlo-kai increasingly suicidal in attempts to disrupt harvesters and claim more territory for their aggressive hive-like temple networks.

3,600 years ago, Warlo-kai control 40% of harvest laboratories. Orb control is particularly remarkable. Recommending evacuation of 50% of personal. Initiating double-time archiving.

3,400 years ago, Warlo-kai span the northern half of the continent, utilizing mental magic to ward off Obex. Immediate genesis of planetary sterilization protocols recommended.

3,200 years ago, Warlo-kai assault labs, disrupting mining and archiving operations. Mental control over orbs is making harvest and archiving the slowest since planet #G6J13. Initiating full scale evacuation and reassessment.

3,000 years ago, Evacuation protocols completed. Awaiting response from The Hand. Release of Dark Menace plague initiated.

2,000 years ago, Awaiting response from The Hand.

1,000 years ago, Awaiting response from The Hand.

500 years ago, Awaiting response from The Hand.

100 years ago, Awaiting response from The Hand.

Awaiting response from The Hand.

Awaiting response from The Hand.

Awaiting response from The Hand.

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