Obex Culture


The Obex are ruled by the Triumvirate. A Female, a Demale, and a Male. They are called the Heart, The Mind, and The Hand. Loosely translated.

The three rule the three wings of Obexian civilization.

The Heart dominantly female, is the bulk of Obexian civilization resting within the enormous Wandering Citadel. From within the Citadel they manage the great archives of the universe, details about planets (now destroyed), enormous zoos of petrified animals (now extinct), technology discovered, languages, civilizations, novels, every treasure imaginable when traversing millions upon billions of planets. The Heart strives to understand everything archived, and then… to archive it.

Millions of square miles of the Wandering Citadel are abandoned sprawls of planetary museums of ancient conquests. Never again visited as their information became boring or old. Other regions are planet sized computers capable of simulating a planet and bringing it back to life to understand it again. Many of these documented planets haven’t been accessed in millions of years.

The Mind dominantly demale, runs the harvesting operations. They travel the universes finding Luminite rich star systems, strip mine the planets for Luminite and then any other precious metals, and when a system is stripped, they return to the Wandering Citadel’s next destination. Occasionally they come across lifeforms and The Mind archives, documents, and collects samples of every life form before they begin mining operations and eventually snuff out the life.

The Hand dominantly male, is a specialized task force. They deal with intelligent life encounters. Though they are rare, occasionally the Obex do encounter races with nuclear technology who attempt to fight back. The Hand arrives to swiftly redirect the course of the civilization back into ignorance so the Mind can continue. If it’s impossible, Archiving of the planet’s life is rushed and the world is demolished enmasse. The Hand scrambles to track down and dampen radio signals emitted by the dying planet and insure no warning signals were sent.

The other goal of The Hand is to lay traps behind the Wandering Citadel. Should any civilizations or life somehow arise in the wake of the Wandering Citadel, they should be tempted by treasures or relics that The Hand has left behind that should eradicate the civilization.


Children are rare in the Obexian civilization because they usually aren’t allowed outside of growth vats until they reach maturity. Obexian children’s brains are especially flexible, resilient, and large compared to adults, and thus as they mature and age, they are used as data storage.

The reproductive cycle of the Obex is strange and no longer natural. Genetic material is gathered from the three genders, and a series of fetus are developed. Over time it is narrowed down to the child with the most “Obexian-like” traits – especially selecting out mutations that might make it too bizarre and unique. These are then brought to the growth vats and allowed to mature.

During the maturing process, probes are inserted into the brains of the infants and an electrical charge is passed through it. Information can be stored, retrieved, and written into their minds as they develop and they even make great processors. When the child reaches maturity, it usually retains all the memories and information that passed through it.

While they must now learn basic instincts and social skills, they are ‘born’ able to read, write, calculate, recite history and ancestry, and probably get ready to sit down and start on biology homework. In this sense their educational system is backward. Most learning is done while they are gestating, and social skills are developed over the course of the rest of their lives.


Obex are essentially immortal. There is nothing in their body that will break down over time, and they will not get cancer. It’s very difficult (but still possible!) for them to get sick. Even if an Obex dies, they have magical means to temporarily bring their dead back to life to get their affairs settled. Some Obex even use their children as storage of their own memories so that when they die they are reborn. Further still some Obex archive their own minds inside machines and do not even need a physical body.

However, something the Obex have never managed to fix is the slow degrading of the mind. Obex will usually begin getting a little strange after their 5,000th year. They will usually have a very problematic memory by 10,000, and most Obex who are over 50,000 suffer from all kinds of dementia.

Thus monitoring the state of sanity is one mark of elders, and when one reaches 10,000 they are usually checked into The Heart permanently for thorough organization of memory and experiences. Whenever the archiving is deemed finished the Elder is either uploaded to a computer to live forever, transferred to an infant’s mind, or incinerated. Depending on their wishes.


Obexian architecture is elegant and gaudy. It would appear to us to be a blend of gothic and victorian, with buttresses, trefoils, swirls and intricate patterns. They prefer a strong contrast between black and white and it is usually a stark contrast when a Warlock temple merges into an Obexian complex. Where warlocks used stone and earth tones and animalistic pictographs, Obexian temples are bright white washed walls with elegant black patterns. They also used diamonds, white quartz, and Luminite within their architecture to cast dazzling sparkles, rainbows, and glittering arrays across the ground.

In another stark contrast to this black and white gaudy elegance is the lighting. While many of these ancient complexes are running out of energy and torches must be carried inside (and many Warlocks have already ransacked many of these complexes and provided them), Obexian lights are often a deep strong red. Similar to the lighting of the orbs, these deep red lights occasionally flicker back to life when they detect life forms to provide light. Many claim to feel a penetrating and almost relaxing warmth pass through them when these ancient red lights flicker to life.

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