Obex Appearance

There are three genders among the Obex:

Female, Demale, Male.

Female are the tallest, 5-6 meters tall, with four slender arms, a pointed mouth like a fleshy beak, slit-like eyes, and long tendrils sprouting from their head called a “crown” the tendrils are actually roughly 2 dozen very small specialized ears. They have a much larger cranium than a human and it comes to a long point.

Demale are 4-5 meters tall, with two upper muscular arms, two lower slender arms with elongated fingers, a pointed mouth like a fleshy beak, round eyes, and four sets of long pointed ears. They have a much larger cranium than a human and it is very spherical.

Male are 3-4 meters tall, with four muscular arms, with the outer upper arms having large scythe-like appendages instead of hands. They have a mouth that is merely a slit and is usually occupied by some sort of mechanical apparatus. They have four eyes, all slit-like, with the lower pair slightly more outward than the first. They also have six sets of long pointed ears. They have a much larger cranium than a human and it comes to a subtle point.

Obex do not appear to have legs, and usually wear something vaguely robe-like. It’s not understood how they do or did move. Skeletons would reveal a sort of vestigial hip with vestigial sockets as if the Obex simply removed their legs.

Obex are very bright and luminous. Likely due to high amounts of Luminite present throughout their bodies. They can appear nearly angelic at first glance.

Children are rarely seen, but if they are, they are mostly head with a practically vestigial body and a sac-like thing attached to their spine. As they age the sac and skull slowly shrink to their adult-like proportions.

Elders are distinguished by their ears or crown which continue to get longer as they age, and the extreme amount of wrinkles.


On outward appearance the Obex do not seem to have emotions. Not easily understood emotions.

They do have joy and happiness, but it would probably be better described as Excitement for Potential. The only thing that excites or interests them is the future and the next archive or harvest. Living in the present, or an exciting event coming to pass is merely a relief that can be archived.

Sadness and sorrow do exist in Obexian culture, but it is very outwardly directed. An Obex does not become depressed, it merely becomes more destructive. One who has recently undergone loss will often understandably request to be sent on a harvest expedition to wreak a little havoc. This is considered healthy and encouraged.

Anger does not exist. It’s tempting to say the Obex hate life, or hate Warlocks, or whatever their ancient enemy was. They don’t. They merely disagree with its existence. All life will be archived and studied thoroughly and then filed away. When something proves frustrating or inefficient or ineffective, the Obex merely step back and re-evaluate. When something is impossible, they don’t take it personally and simply move on. If one was to sneak aboard an Obexian ship and let off an explosive, they would be startled but they would not seek divine retribution. They would repair, figure out how it happened, and make sure it didn’t happen again.

In the case of the Hand, they are an unfortunate necessity that must exist in their culture. The Hand does not enjoy the fact that they are sometimes eradicating life before they get the chance to archive it. Often their traps are designed to analyze what it destroys, and a beacon goes off to let the Obex know to return to a region to pick up the scraps and learn about what happened.

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