Chief-King Zuzel of Clawrunner Clan

Zuzel, 88

  • Chief King of Clawrunner Clan
  • Wandering, always in a random Clawrunner camp.
  • His word is law in the Clawrunner clan and most tribes in the northern regions. He is not as wealthy as Naranya, but wealthier than Legani.

Immediate Family

  • Unknown, Deceased
  • Chief Zena, 63 (sister)
  • None
  • None

Zuzel is the oldest of the rulers of the Warlocks. He is playful, wise, and mysterious and a lover of his people. He travels from tribe to tribe meeting and discussing issues. He is very skilled with brewing and is believed to be one of the greatest Warlock medicine men. Zuzel is also believed to be a little insane. He’s been known to howl at the moon in the middle of the night and claims he can talk to Tree Spirits (Essentially speaking to those who have passed into the afterlife).

Though he has ruled for a long time, it is very much in thanks to his youngest living sister Chief Zena who rules a large tribe in the Highlands. Zuzel and Zena are a ruling pair, and they often consult each other on issues.

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Chief-King Zuzel of Clawrunner Clan

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