Chief-King Legani of Wolfhand Clan

Chief-King Legani, 32

  • Occupation: Chief-King of Wolfhand Clan
  • Location: Sha-Kanoa, and various tribes in the Wetlands
  • Level of Power and Wealth: Among the Wolfhand Clan and Wetland tribes his word is law and he is the highest living authority. There are whisperings that he is a new Ardo-Nustai, but that can only be decided upon death. He is the poorest of the clan leaders, but that still makes him the richest of the Wolfhand Clan. (compared to the Settlers, he would still be considered only moderately wealthy)

Immediate Family

  • Father Chief-King Lolani, Mother Senkaiya, Deceased
  • Brother Kezani, 24, Brother Jekada 27
  • Wife Kanya, 35
  • Daughter Rema, 12; Son Lani, 10

Legani became Chief-King of the Wolfhand clan the last time the Wolfhand Tribes gathered to elect a new king. His father was the previous clan leader and had grown sick. There were some who didn’t want the family to rule anymore (they were considered quite poor, and the Wetlands had become more unstable during their rule), while others felt a humble leader was better. The election was a draw between Legani and Rozano, and as was custom there was a duel to the death to decide.

Legani won and began to rule the clans. Over time he married Rozano’s widow and adopted Rema, their 2 year old.

Ten Years Later, Legani has pulled the wetlands tribes together in a united front against the settlers in the region, and built relations with the neighboring Nightdreamer Clan (who actually live amongst the Settlers at Trehald).

He is usually seen followed by children, despite his very serious and violent nature, he has a passion for the protection of child warlocks, and has set up a “Warlock Orphanage” at Shai-Kanoa, the first of its kind.

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Chief-King Legani of Wolfhand Clan

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